Our lending library will consist of books, magazines, music and movies on a variety of health and wellness topics. We're also working on providing durable medical equipment such as scarves. These resources can be used at the Peaceful Remedies Center or borrowed to use at your home.  

Borrowed items can be returned to the Peaceful Remedies Center or be given to us at any of our events.  

You also can donate to the library in 3 different ways.  You can donate an item you may already own, you can donate a dollar amount and designate what you would like purchased, or you can purchase an item from our Amazon Lending Library Wish List.  





Peaceful Remedies' strives to form a community space that empowers individuals and families to embrace life despite the challenges they face.

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End o‍‍‍f Life




Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds
by Kelly A Turner, Ph.D.

There's No Place Like Hope: A Guide To Beating Cancer In Mind Sized Bites
by Vickie Girard

The Definitive Guide To Cancer: An Integrative Approach To Prevention, Treatment, and Healing
by Lise N Alschuler, ND, FABNO and Karolyn A Gazella

WTF?! I Have Cancer?
by Laren Rusch Watson

The Conversation: A Revolutionary Plan For End of Life Care
by Angelo E Volandes, M.D.

Being Mortal: Medicine a‍‍‍nd What Matters In The End
by Atul Gawande

When Breath Becomes Air
by Paul Kalanithi

Mindfulness For Beginners
by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness Made Simple: An Introduction to Finding Calm Through Mindfulness & Meditation
by Elisha Goldtein, Ph.D.

Daily Meditation On The Path To Freeing Your Soul
by Melody Beattie

Heaven an Experiential Journey (CD)
by Anita Moorjani, Barry Goldstein

Deep Meditation For Healing (CD)
Anita Moorjani

Loving Yourself To Great Health: Thoughts & Food -the Ultimate Diet
by Louise Hay, Ahlea Khadro, Heather Dane

Core 4 For Wellness
by Kaushal B. Na‍‍‍navati, MD

Spontaneous Healing
by Andrew Weil

The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have
by Mark Nepo

Falling In Love With Where You Are
by Jeff Foster

Choices : Taking Control of Your Life and Making It Matter
by Melody Beattie

Dying To Be Me: My Journey From Cancer, To Near Death, To True Healing
by Anita Moo‍‍‍rjani

The Misfit Miracle Girl: Candid Reflections
by Kate D. Mahoney

What If This Is Heaven
by Anita Moorjani

Finding Your Way Home
by Melody Beattie

Option B : Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy
by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant

The Happiness Project
by Gretchen Rubin




Self-Healing with Reiki
by Penelope Quest

The Healing Po‍‍‍wer of Reiki
by Raven Keyes

Mind Over Medicine
by Lissa Rankin, M. D.

The Disease Delusion
by Dr. Jeffrey S Bland

Core 4 of Wellness
by Kaushal B. Nanavati, MD

You Are The Placebo
Dr Joe Dispenza

Organic Body Care Recipes
by Stephanie Tourles

Awake At The Bedside
by Koshin Paley Ellison and Matt Weingast

T'ai Chi In A Chair
by Cynthia‍‍‍ Quarta

Core 4 of Wellness
by Kaushal B. Nanavati, MD

Core 4 of Wellness
by Kaushal B‍‍‍. Nanavati, MD