Program Mission

The mission of Peaceful Remedies’ Connecting Hearts Peer Support Program is to link individuals with a life altering illness and caregivers to a support peer. This volunteer will offer a safe space for sharing, connecting and exploring holistic pathways that promote empowerment for health, wellness and healing.





Benefits of the Program

Shared understanding and social support

Positive changes in attitude and mood

Empowerment to make changes and decisions to enhance health and wellness

Increase knowledge

Provide sense of hope

Create a sense of normalcy for their experiences

Manage stress

Provide a safe, non-judgmental, confidential space

Appropriate for: Patients and Caregivers

Participant Intake Form

Program Description

The Connecting Hearts Program links people with a life altering illness and caregivers  to a peer volunteer in a sincere, compassionate space. This connection aims to offer a positive impact on health, wellness and healing from a peer who can relate to common experiences. There are opportunities to engage in services and programs at Peaceful Remedies. Participating may help you to connect with others, learn strategies to cope, reduce anxiety and stress related to a diagnosis, find comfort and support and help be aware of community resources. Connecting Hearts hopes to empower individuals to manage a diagnosis in a way that is best for them on their journey to health, wellness and healing.

Participant Intake Form