Founded in 2015 in Oswego, NY, Peaceful Remedies is improving the healing experience for those impacted by life altering illnesses and conditions by bringing holistic options of therapy and support to individuals in a safe and peaceful environment.  Through our events & programs we provide support services that complement treatments, support caregivers, patients and their families.  Peaceful Remedies is a 501(c)(3).


















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Peaceful Remedies is the people. They are so sincere, so caring for you. They were there when I needed them.
                                                                               - Julia B

I immediately got involved with Peaceful Remedies after my breast cancer diagnosis almost 3 years ago.  This group of wonderful people provided comfort through a very scary time in my life.  The variety of therapies and classes that are offered  guided me to find peace and harmony in my world. I will remain forever grateful to have found Peaceful Remedies.
                                                                              - Trisha D                                                                  

When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer last summer, I realized that so much of my life consisted of noise. meditation gives me both inner and outer peace and thus, a respite from the noises of my life. And I should learn by the end of July if my prostate cancer is in full remission. My doctor is optimistic that it is.
                                                                               - John S

Peaceful Remedies is an instant resource and network of support. The people are amazing. Today she is cancer free and Peaceful Remedies was a huge part of that journey.
                                                                          - Eric B                                                                

Drop In Meditation at Peaceful Remedies continues to give me a return to self and calmness in my life. Spending time with others who are wanting peace from life's tugs and diversions restores my energy and is always rewarding. It is the best gift I could have given myself. Thank you, Kim, for guiding and enlightening us to be mindful of the 'moment'.
                                                                               - Rose V

I am extremely grateful for Peaceful Remedies and their caring practitioners! They have been a huge part in my healing process. Fighting any chronic illness on a daily basis is extremely challenging! With the help of the services that Peaceful Remedies offers, it makes the journey a little easier! They are helping me find my NEW NORMAL!
                                                                             - Jeannie B

Peaceful Remedies lives up to its name.  This organization helped me to come to peace with my circumstances. I was always helping others, but when I needed help it was Peaceful Remedies that was there ready to support me.  The good people there have brought me peace after  difficult diagnosis.  From the bad, I found good.  Peaceful Remedies is the good.
                                                                           - Kay P


My involvement with Peaceful Remedies began with a desire to support Mary Gosek who also helped to support me and my family when my aunt was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.  Peaceful Remedies has also been integral in my own healing process, since my cancer diagnosis in 2020. I believe in the mind, body and spirit connection, and Peaceful Remedies supports that belief.  The cards, the calls, the texts, the quillow, the Reiki sessions, the Reiki shares, the yoga sessions, the lending library, and all of the people I have met through Peaceful Remedies have helped me in my survival and now as I thrive.  This community truly brings peace to a devastating situation, and I will be forever grateful to everyone involved!                                                                                                                    - Tricia C


I was introduced to Peaceful Remedies by my amazing friend and chosen sister, Chris Haessig. It holds a special place in my heart because of how Mary supported Chris through her cancer diagnosis and treatment, even as she was going through her own cancer. When Chris told me about the legacy Mary left by establishing Peaceful Remedies, I was touched and amazed by her strength and compassion. I thought about how every city needs a place like PR.

Although, I don’t live in Oswego, I graduated from SUNY Oswego and the city will always be a part of me. I do my best to participate in as many activities and fundraising opportunities as possible, even though, I am not local. The quarantine brought Zoom Book clubs, that I was able to be a part of. I met wonderful people that I now consider friends. I have participated in a Zoom Reiki session. I also was the Captain of team “Inclusivity On Par”, in the first annual Mary Gosek Golf tournament. I have not had cancer, but it has touched my life through so many people I know and love. I have a life altering neuromuscular disease and the services Peaceful Remedies provides are beneficial to everyone with any life altering illness and their caregivers. I wish I lived closer so I could be a part of all that Peaceful Remedies has to offer.                                                                         - Nancy S                                                                

I was introduced to Peaceful Remedies shortly after my husband as diagnosed with Stage 4 HLRCC, a rare hereditary form of kidney cancer, that has metastasized to his bones, spine and liver. Needless to say, this diagnosis rocked our world. In addition to his condition we have 3 daughters that all had to be tested to see if they carry the gene. Two have tested positive. My life has been forever changed. As I cope with all of this, and try to stay strong and support him, I know that I need to take care of myself as well. Peaceful Remedies has provided me so many opportunities to do so. I attend their monthly Circle Talk meetings (a wonderful chance to connect with others and seek comfort and inspiration from those with similar experiences). I also have received Reiki treatment through Peaceful Remedies and just recently attended a day 'retreat' as a guest of Peaceful Remedies at Holistic Horizons. I feel so blessed to have this organization at my side through this journey. I have met some of the most amazing people through their programs. I told Kim Simmonds once that I feel like I am in for the very difficult journey that I am on and for the hardest road yet to come. I know that I have to build myself up emotionally and mentally so I can be the best caregiver to my husband now and my children later and Peaceful Remedies is helping me do just that!
                                                                                - Sharon G

February 2022 I was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer.   I went through surgery, chemo, and radiation.  In the middle of my treatment, I was told by a friend about Peaceful Remedies.  I went to the website to see what they had to offer.   I needed to find something to help with the stress of the diagnosis and the treatment that I was going through both emotionally and physically.  I saw that there were yoga classes offered to those that were dealing with a cancer diagnosis.  I love and had practiced yoga so I thought I would take the chance and go to a class. I was hoping for some stretching, breathing, and meditation that could help me.  Not only did the yoga help, I found a group of people that were incredibly supportive.   I always walked out of class feeling better than when I walked in.  Linda, the instructor, is great and very knowledgeable.  I truly feel that this group of people and yoga made and is still making a huge difference in my life.  I wanted to give back to this wonderful organization, so I am now volunteering for the golf fundraising event. It feels good to give back and I will continue to do so. I would encourage anyone that is dealing with a life altering health issue or a caregiver to take a look at everything that Peaceful Remedies has to offer.   I cannot thank Peaceful Remedies enough for making a difference in my life.  

                                                                     - Kristy S


As a new caregiver, I was not fully aware of all the services Peaceful Remedies could provide to me.  Thanks to the outreach from Ann Peterson, Peaceful Remedies has given me the tools and support to cope with my husband’s diagnosis.  From the women in my support group, to yoga, meditation and Reiki, these services aid in the mental and physical well-being of caregivers and survivors alike.  I would love people to know how fortunate we are to have Peaceful Remedies amongst us.  I am so very grateful for all the volunteers that allow this organization to serve our community in such a vital way.  

                                                                  - Crystal D


In 2005 I was diagnosed with cancer , in 2015 I was diagnosed with MS.  After a couple years of struggling and beating myself up and "why me"? I ran into Mary at the gym. She saw my struggles and listened to my story. She encouraged me to go see what Peaceful Remedies could offer. Not only was I a cancer survivor, but I also had a life altering disease now. I began with Circle Talk, sharing with complete strangers what my life was like, a lot of tears/tissues later I knew I had one of the best support teams around. We were all so different with our journey whether survivors, fighters, or caregivers but we were all in it together. I also started doing mindful meditation and learning practices for when I needed it. I was invited to spend the day at a retreat at Holistic Horizons at Fiddlehead Grove. And then there is Reiki. I never even heard of it until then. It was the most wonderful feeling inside and out. A healing energy I didn't know existed. I was introduced to instructors and realized for myself I needed to know more and learn more. I have since become a Reiki master. It's the kindness and caring people involved with Peaceful Remedies that help make a heartbreaking, scary, confusing time in your life a bit tolerable. They have so many resources to share and information to help find it. The location and space is so relaxing and a lending library as well. I'm grateful each day for the help and guidance they have given me. Always have a hug and plenty of tissues to give.        

                                                                    - Cindy D