I want you all to know that peace is one of my goals in life.....

  Mary Gosek

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Peaceful Remedies was founded by Mary in 2015.  Although her time working on
her vision was far too short, the mission will continue in her spirit.  

Thank you for your donations to help us continue Mary's dream.





Brandon Adams

Carin Adams-Ramirez

Dottie Adams

Ben Addison

Allison and Blake Adkins

Susanne Alfieri

Deborah Allen

William Allen
in memory of Bobby Smith

Robin Anderson
in memory of Mary

William and Brenda Arnault
in memory of Sandra Shonitsky

Marybeth Auletto

Kate Bates

Phyllis Bellinger

Jill Bellucco

Liane Benedict

Howard Benway

Ashley Biryla

Sara Bond

Nicole Branagan

Jamie Brancato

Eric and Amy Bresee

Julia Bresee

Paula Brillo

Noah Bull

Elizabeth Burke

Burkes Home Center

Lisa Buske

Jane Cahill

Tommy Cahill
in memory of Mary

Jody Cary
in memory of Mary

Tricia Caroccio

Romao and Karen Caruso

Deanna Cilento
in memory of Mary

Muriel Clark

Judy Cleary

Samantha Cleveland

Judy Coe-Rapapoprt

Chip Cole

Dan and Cathy Coleman

Ann Comerford

Duane and Kathleen Cummins

Diane Cooper-Currier

Debbie Cutro
in memory of her Mom and Dad

Dan and Andrea Cortelyou

David and Linda Davis

Elisa Davis

Ella Davis

Sarah Davis

Steve and Sara Davis
in memory of Mary

Terie Delahunt
in memory of Mary, Jill, Paula, Gretchen, Kathy

Nancy DelPrado
in memory of Grace Haessig

Alaina Di Blasi

Andy and Susan DiBlasi

Stacey DiCarlo

Annette Digby

Mark and Jessica Digby

Billy Dixon

Dan, Val and Emma Donovan in memory of Bobby Smith

John and Judith Queale-Dunsmoor
in memory of Garrett Dunsmoor

MacKenzie Dunsmoor

Sean and Lisa Durfey

Eagle Beverage

Ryan Eccles

Amy Engle
in memory of Anne Syler

Brian and Sheila Engles
in memory of Mary

Bonnie Eastman

Bobbie Ess

Scot and Jeanne Farrell

Mary Lue Ferguson
in memory of Sandra Shonitsky

Diane Fernaays
in memory of Mary Carlson
Mary Beth Fierro

John and Tara Fitzgibbons

Elise Fitzsimmonds

Mary Flynn

Stanley and Joan Fox in memory of Bobby Smith

Marygrace Fronk
in memory of Caroline Richardson

Pat and Eileen Gaffney

Joan Gardner

Michelle and Bob Garafolo

Karen Gell
in memory of Mary

Teresa Gentile

Don and Chris Gioia
in memory of Mary

Debbie Godden
in memory of Kay Godden and John Meade

Rachel Godden

Dean Goodnough in memory of Sherry Goodnough

Barrie Gorman

Connie Gosek
in memory of Bobby Smith

Jeremy Gosek

Andrea Gosier

Marion Gosier

Eric Green

Sharon Griffin
in honor of Dan Griffin

David Grugin

Kyleigh Grugin

Paul and Paula Guido

Emily Gustafson

Abby Haessig

Alex Haessig

Brian and Chris Haessig

Robert Hageny

Cheri Handley
in memory of Barbara Martel

Tom and Donna Handley
in memory of Mary

Pat and Dan Harrington
in memory of Bobby Smith

Hope For Heather

Gail Hurd
in honor of Sarah Gosek

Mary Hurlbutt

Paul Hurlbutt

Nicole Hurley

Alyson Inman

Jeffrey Ippolito
in memory of Bobby Smith

Samantha Jacoby

Susan Jennings

David and Maria Johnson

Doug and Diane Jones

Larry Jones

Lauren Jones

Lyndsie Jones
in memory of Mary

Michaela Kearns
in memory of Mary

Stacy Kearns
in memory of Mary

Luann Kehoe

Laurie Kelly

Sean and Joan Kesselring

Michael and Roberta Kesselring

Glenn and Azalia King in memory of Sandra Shonitsky

Mackenzie King

Kingsford Park Social Committee

Barbara Klingbiel

Mark and Joy Knopp

Jerold and Mary Lou Kritzman

Karlene Krzyiewski

Aditya Kurniadi

Noel and Nancy Labbe

Martin Lachut in memory of Bobby Smith

Debbie Lavner

Trish LaMonte

Lisa LaGuardia

Mac Lewis
in memory of Mary

Helen Liquori in memory of Bobby Smith

Robert Law

Bruce and Patricia Lester in memory of Mary
in memory of Bobby Smith

Nancy Linn

Carole Lloyd

Kenneth and Cynthia Lorenz in memory of Bobby Smith

Patty Lowden
in memory of Dr Jerry Simmons

Kate Mahoney

Cindi Mangione

Bruce and Ellen Manwaring

Jim and Lucy McAllister

Dillon McCauley

Tammy McCauley
in memory of Liz Luca and Mary

Jeff McCrobie

Mike McCrobie

Brendan McLaughlin

Marguerite Meli

Charlene Mitchell

Marcus Moles

Mark and Sharon Morey

Tom and Kim Moshier

Annika Neufeld-Kreider

Ron and Sue Nix

North Coast Yoga

Becky O'Kane and Family
in memory of Sandra Shonitsky

Emily Oleyourryk

Jim Omundson
in memory of his mother

One Hope Foundation

Judy Osetek

Paul and Pat Osetek

Susan Osetek

Oswego County Opportunities Cancer Services

Oswego Elks Club

Oswego HS Varsity Boys and Girls Hockey

Oswego Minor Hockey Association

Oswego Speedway

Oswego State Men's & Women's Hockey

Tami Palmitesso
in memory of Mary

Tom and Mary Helen Park

Shelly Partrick

Pathfinder Bank employees

Peg Peck

Marc and Ann Peterson in memory of Sandra Shonitsky

John and Judy Phillips

Dominick and Sandy Pike

Kathleen Place

Mikayla Place

Lynne Pratt

Terra Pritchard
in memory of Mary and Dan Atkinson

Proulx Family in memory of Sandra Shonitsky

Marek Ptakowski

Kay Pullen

Scott and Terrie Purce

Mario and Helen Rabozzi
in memory of Mary Gosek and Robert Smith

Lori Reed

Mike and Elizabeth Reidy

Janette and Sanford Resnick

Meg Resnick

Heather Rice

Angela Richardson

Jeanne Ritz

George Roll

Leah Romanowski

Alyssa Root

Michelle Ross

Susan Ross

Schum Family Giving Fund

Carl and Arlene Scoville

Linda Segal in memory of Bobby Smith

Kathy Shafer

John and Barb Sharkey

Peg Sherman

Shineman Foundation

Nancy Siembida
in memory of Angel Pauline Siembida

Kim Simmonds
in honor of Peaceful Remedies volunteers

Jessica Slight
in memory of Laura Slight

Sue Slight
in memory of Laura Slight

Michael and Elizabeth Smith
in memory of Bobby Smith

Scott Smith
in memory of Mary

Aleksandr Sokolovsky

Alexandra and David Sorbella

Michele Southgate

Phylisa Sova

Corte Spencer

Cyndy Spiers

Douglas Stay

Michael and Pamela Stephens

Kristina Stemple
in memory of Mary

Strother Family in memory of Sandra Shonitsky

Natalie Sturr

SUNY Oswego Blue Line Club

SUNY Oswego Teal Gate

Brittany Terotta

Teal Palace

Angela Tesoriero

Dave and Donna Tesoriero

Amber Tickle

Juanita Tschudy

Dave and Veronica Turner

Kristen Tyrrell

Katie Urban

Rose Vinciguerra

Pat and Jennifer Wallace

Brian and Amy Warner

Rodney and Mary Watson

Gary and Frieda Weeks

Jon Whitelaw

Matt Wieczonek
on behalf of Beth and Stanley Gosek

Brian and Jennifer West in memory of Bobby Smith

Erin Wilder

Don and Lorie Wright-Mills

Patricia Wright

Donors to Mary's Memory and Mission