DRUMS ALIVE ability Beats

Drums Alive Ability Beats  is an all-inclusive program for all ages and abilities that unlocks limitations and empowers participants to achieve healthy and happy lives through research-based fitness and wellness applications.  

This original, evidence-based program encompasses a “Whole Mind, Whole Body” approach while fostering individual creativity in a fun and enriched environment in which respect, appreciation and understanding is encouraged and cultivated.
Ability Beats is not just an exercise program.  It awakens and integrates an inner strength, ignites potential and taps individual abilities that leads to endless possibilities while promoting health and fitness on the following levels:

Musical and Rhythmical


Enjoy the drumming, and Drums Alive® will improve your physical health, as well as neurological well being. Both of them together are a mind/body experience , and are greatly enhanced by the rhythmical drumming patterns.

Laboratory research by Andrew Neher, a Physiological Explanation of Unusual Behavior in Ceremonies Involving Drums showed that drumming produces changes in the central nervous system. The rhythmic stimulation affects the electrical activity in many sensory and motor areas of the brain. The single beat of a drum contains many sound frequencies, and accordingly it simultaneously transmits impulses along a variety of nerve pathways in the brain. Recent research (Bittmann., Magazine Alternative Therapy, January 2001) has also shown that there is a positive influence on the human immune system and drum therapy is being used throughout the world in a variety of therapy programs.

Rhythm and movement in the form of drumming and dance are ancient technologies for raising energy, inducing ecstatic experience, as well as providing a sense of community. Rhythmical movement is an aesthetic experience and aesthetic pleasure.


Class held every Monday 12:30 - 1:30 pm


Answers to questions about a session:

- Wear comfortable clothes

- Participants are seated

- Session lasts approximately 60 minutes

- All props are provided

- Drum with drumsticks on a large ball on a bucket

- No experience needed


Benefits include:

- Reduce stress and anxiety

- Strengthen immune system

- Increase better moods

- Reduce feelings of depression

- Reduce chronic pain

- Stabilize blood pressure

- Improve balance and gait

- A lot of fun and laughs


Classes are instructed by Margie Miner
Ohio Street Studio
412 W 1st Street, Oswego

"We are a small studio dedicated to renewing your joy of movement."