I want you all to know that peace is one of my goals in life.....

  Mary Gosek

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Peaceful Remedies' strives to form a community space that empowers individuals and families to embrace life despite the challenges they face.

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Strength. Peace. Happiness.

Peaceful Remedies founder Mary Gosek passed away after a 5-year battle with Ovarian Cancer on June 3, 2017. When Mary was diagnosed, she began a fight not only for herself but for all those stricken with this disease. During her treatments she realized there was a need for an organization to support individuals facing any life altering illness. Peaceful Remedies was born from that vision.

In recognition of Mary’s selflessness and the effort she put into helping others, Mayor William Barlow passed a proclamation declaring July 30th to be Mary E Gosek Day.










In 2017 Mayor Barlow declared July 30th Mary E Gosek Day in the City of Oswego.  July 30th is Mary’s birthday and for the last 3 years Peaceful Remedies has celebrated and honored the founder of the organization on this day.  

During the month of June we are collecting memories.  Happy memories, funny memories, heartfelt memories of you and your time spent with Mary. Memories that remind us of the person she was and the difference she made in our lives.  If you have a story to share please email it to us along with any pictures that you would like to share.   There is no right or wrong way to do this...just share.  A sentence, a paragraph, an essay.  Whatever you’re inspired to share.  

We’ll post these throughout the month of July on social media. Then, the stories and pictures will be assembled into a book for her family and will be available to friends also.  

Please send your memories to: Info@PeacefulRemediesOswego.com